Developmental Disabilities Program

SIMS consulting & Clinical Services intellectual and disabilities program is designed to work with members to develop and maintain quality services reflecting the needs and wishes of people identified with a developmental disability and their families.

In Home Intensive Supports is available to support members in their
private home, when the member needs extensive support and supervision,
to assist with positioning, intensive medical needs, elopement and/or
behaviors that would result in injury to self or other people.

In Home Skill Building provides habilitation and skill building to
enable the member to acquire and maintain skills, which support more
independence. In Home Skill Building augments the family and natural
supports of the member and consists of an array of services that are
required to maintain and assist the member to live in community

Home Supports are habilitation and support services, which provide
training and assistance to members in order to acquire and maintain
skills that support independence.

Specialized Consultative Services provides expertise, training, and
technical assistance in a specialty area to assist family members,
support staff, and other natural supports in assisting members with
developmental disabilities who have long-term intervention needs.

Personal Care Services include support, supervision, and activities of
daily living such a bathing, eating, dressing, personal hygiene, and
the preparation of meals.