Our Mission

SIMS Consulting & Clinical Services Inc. is an outpatient treatment provider in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. Our legacy focuses on bridging the gap between evidenced practice, balancing the needs of clinicians and administrators in the most scientifically and fiscally sound manner to individuals who need behavioral health services.

We seek to provide culturally relevant, diverse, and sensitive care through a variety of treatment modalities that focus on the mind, body, and spirit. Our agency seeks a basic understanding of and the appreciation for the importance of integrating alternative therapies; provide services that are strength-based and linguistically responsive. We seek to demonstrate a commitment to developing a superior workforce, training, evaluation, performance evaluation and improvement activities, and the practice of culturally specific interventions.

We believe the individuals we serve are in charge of their own thoughts, ideas, and philosophy of life. Our role is to empower and improve their emotional and behavioral health, eliminate barriers to treatment, identify a logical approach and guide the development of and implementation of a variety of services based on the needs of our community. We seek to engage our members, staff, and community in the planning, development, and implementation of culturally responsive and effective services.

We operate from a trauma informed perspective with focus on safety, trustworthiness, transparency, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, voice and choice.

We attempt to minimize barriers to services through the provision of those services in a variety of settings, using a variety of culturally linguistic, geographical, and age appropriate outreach strategies.

We choose interventions that focus on education, support, and prevention in order to improve emotional well-being, promote self-sufficiency and personal growth, development, resilience, and wellness of the individuals we serve.

We will make available information about community resources and make the necessary referrals or connections when appropriate.

We have screening and intake practices that ensure that individuals seeking services receive them in a prompt and responsive manner.

We are responsible for the protection of the legal and ethical rights of the individuals we serve by informing them of their rights and responsibilities, providing fair and equitable treatment, and providing them with information so that they may make informed choices about using our organization and services.